This list is a work in progress: here are a few links if you’re looking for further information on national resources in collecting/archives, and links to further research and examples of ‘rapid’ collecting elsewhere.

National resources

Oral History Network of Ireland: the best national resource for undertaking oral histories of any kind

Irish Museums Association: the representative body for Irish museums, north and south

Local Authority Museum Network: an umbrella organisation connecting local authority museums across the country

Advice on conservation

Are you the member of a campaign group (or an individual) with material you wish to donate, but you don’t know where to start? Louise O’Connor (conservator from the NLI) has helpfully provided a link to a quick guide to preparing paper materials for archiving – with additional conservation tips downloadable as a PDF.

Examples of ‘rapid’ contemporary collecting

(**feel free to send on any additional examples, using the ‘Contact’ tab above**)

‘Rapid response’ collecting and exhibition: as pioneered by the V&A museum

Documenting Ferguson‘: an online, crowd-sourced repository of images/audio/video/stories that uses the Omeka platform to create (in their words): ‘a freely available resource that seeks to preserve and make accessible the digital media captured and created by community members following the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, 2014. Our project has the ultimate goal of providing diverse perspectives on the events in Ferguson and the resulting social dialogue.’


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