The first Archiving the 8th Networking Day at the National Library of Ireland on 16 July 2018 was a great success, with c. 40 participants who contributed their energy and enthusiasm!

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Now available is a report of the proceedings of the day, including collective answers to the four questions posed on the day:

  1. What are the key stories around the referendum that need to be told?
  2. Whose voices are missing from this conversation?
  3. What would tangible outcomes (or follow-ons) of this work look like?
  4. What available resources might we access to pursue this work (people, funding, etc.)?

As well as two new categories that emerged:

  1. What other knowledge or information do we need?
  2. Potential early actions

And some answers to the big question – WHAT NEXT??

Anyone is welcome to download the report & read on! More to come this September as this work develops… my heartfelt thanks to the National Library, and all the attendees for making this such a brilliant morning.


p.s. The BBC also picked up on the event, and published a story on this networking day:

Etching Irish abortion referendum into history
16 July 2018

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